aka Russia

  • I live in Stockholm, Sweden
  • My occupation is .
  • I am Male
  • Likercat
    • Like
      • Whipsnade
      • Daneofscandinavy
      • NuclearVacuum
    • Fine
      • All other users I don't know
    • Hate (Blacklist)
      • Local Mafia Boss
      • Masterire
      • Animaniax
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  • Likercat


    May 30, 2014 by Likercat

    Why is This Wiki So Inactive?

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  • Likercat

    Animaniax Is behaving Wrong to me!,Look how he Said

    @Dane: that person is either a big, shameless troll, or just another dumb, paranoidiac who's constantly in fear that he'll loose his characteristic by simply joining a federation

    Excuse Me Am i Dumb Animaniax? Look I Have Aspergers, Im Very Sad About This, He Should Be banned

    And Local Mafia Boss, Yes, I Was Rude, But Then He Extended The Block for i Being Angry? LOOK Local! I Didnt Shout i Was Angry, Hes Behaving like a Dictator, Kick Him Out

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