I have a problem with Lordganon. You know, he is always very repressive and likes to govern the Alternative History Wiki his own way. First off, he mistaken somethings as spam and is crazed on banning people. First he banned me because I was linking the scenario I have about European Colonization there to Alternate Future Wiki for three days. Later he banned be for, I don't know, I think for infinity because I was trying to provoke him by writing hi on other wikis. I think he should be demoted because he just takes things too far. I have never done any major issues in AltHist Wiki.

He also mistakenly banned NovaSims because of her signature.

This is for Lordganon

Here's somethings you need to learn:

  • Creating links to persuade users to go to the site or typing it multiple times or on several pages is spam.
  • Links that are related to a page, or explain you are a contributor, or an affiliation request is not spam.

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