It was I normal night me and my friends were hanging out when a little girl in a black coat,black shoes,&black vail. She had long blonde hair.she came to our door she gave us a note,it said; be glad your a real human,-THE Doll maker

She turned on her heel and walked away.just then the power went out,the tv came back on and said in a low voice,666 in big red letters.

One of my sisters dolls then attacked me& said be glad your a real human.just then the power was back on.the doll was in the toy box.

Then the little girl said;the doll maker was here!then she lit a match and set the house on and my friends passed out. We all waked up in a mental institution. I got another note it said; no one believes you bitch. I was given a doll in the mail it was of me in a strait jacket.

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