This list is for those who have been banned for both true and false reasons.

People to be careful ofEdit

Those Banned for True ReasonsEdit

This is a list of people rightly banned:

Althistory WikiEdit

Sporum WikiEdit

Globally on all WikisEdit

Future WikiEdit


Those Banned For False ReasonsEdit

Futura Terra WikiEdit

  • Paulwallpaul- Joined and was immediately IP banned without reason.
  • Bit4- My community center's IP was marked, so I was immediately banned for trying to come on a few seconds ago. 

AltHistory WikiEdit

Sporum WikiEdit

These bans were done by the corrupt admin Thomas1134, who was later removed from his position and banned. The following were all unbanned.

  • LurkerLordB - Blocked twice, once for no reason, the second time for attempted to remove insulting remarks Thomas had made against another user
  • Emotionist- Because an enemy of Emotionist asked Thomas to ban Emotionist
  • Ploonivor- No reason given
  • HabaneroArrow- No reason given
  • Tyrannofan- No reason given

Globally on all wikisEdit

  • ObjectionKing- No reason given, but did cause a little bit of trouble on the Ace Attorney Wiki as a contributor. Has warned some disruptive users despite not being an admin. Has stopped making bad edits recently, but also had his IP address banned a month after his account was banned.

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