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The Banned Wiki, we support you! We currently have 44 articles, and look forward to your side of the story!
Since: 20 November 2011.

Welcome to the The Banned Wiki


This wiki is for those who have been banned for false reasons from other wikis and want to get the ban removed. As this wiki's creator, I have created this for the reason that many people are banned from this wiki for false reasons, and sometimes banned for a long time due to minor offenses; many times they treat you like you have hacked their web site. All banned Wikia Users are welcome here and will not be banned unless their reason for being banned was proven. Any questions about this can go on the Talk Page.



Please be aware that people banned for true reasons will not be given asylum on this wiki. Thank You!

Those who have been banned for true reasons may be allowed on this wiki under ceratin circumstances. If you had a sockpuppet, telll us its name and we will welcome you onto this wiki, for vandalism, you get one shot here, afterwords if you do it here, your gone for good.

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