Here are the rules of the Banned Wiki, follow them, or ELSE!! -Nova 14:07, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

Main RulesEdit

  • Swearing is allowed.
  • Be nice to people, even though swearing is allowed, its only for when you are annoyed at something and it is not to be used on any user.
  • If you were banned from another wiki for sockpuppeting, please tell us why you made the sockpuppet and your sockpuppet/s names, we will block those accounts but allow your main one to stay.
  • Corrupt admins from other wikis are to explain their offenses on other wikis to be admited onto this wiki. They will not be allowed to gain admin status on this wiki whatsoever.
  • Threatening another user or an admin is not allowed

Bannable OffensesEdit

  • Spamming or ruining pages knowingly and/or deliberately
  • Not telling us about your stockpuppets
  • Creating a sockpuppet, if you have a history of sockpuppeting, we will be unsuspecting at first due to our policy, but we will run random checks, just to be safe.

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