29 May 2014, Local Blocked, A User, Named Likercat, and Animaniax Harrased Him by writing this

@Dane: that person is either a big, shameless troll, or just another dumb, paranoidiac who's constantly in fear that he'll loose his characteristic by simply joining a federation

Likercat Hated now Local, Masterine, and Animaniax,

June 5, 2014, Likercat Returns To Future Wiki, Now, he Is Still Angry, and Comments on Animainax Dumb Comment,

June 6, 2014 Sweden Nationaldag. Likercat Vandalizes Pages!, fIrst Being Animaniaxs Dumb Page by Deleting it, Then He Loses His Support At Scenario: Iran War,

To Local Mafia Boss. This happens When Someone Blocks Me And Speaks behind My Back,

To Animaniax, Never Call Me Dumb

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