Here is the list of the dumbest reasons why someone "should" be banned or has been banned.

Feel free to add to any of the lists, and swearing doesnt matter on this wiki.

Dumb ReasonsEdit

  1. Having a fight with another user
  2. Fighting for power
  3. A title on a photo wasn't "descriptive" enough
  4. Categorising Pages

Dumber ReasonsEdit

  1. Because a friend of the admin not even on the wiki asked the admin to ban someone
  2. Because the admin posted profane insults against someone and that person argued back.
  3. Because an admin broke the rules and the user told them that and got banned.
  4. Because after a map-game was dead within a few moves, a user premoted it and got banned for 'spamming' or 'hijaking' after adopting the game.
  5. Biased Admins.
  6. Adding "to many" images/videos to your userpage.
  7. Admin Banning You Because You Said Your Favorite Food
  8. For pointing out an Admins' Time line is a paradox or imposible (you can't have Microsoft Inc. if Bill Gates died in infancy and cant create it).

Just Plain WTF?!Edit

  1. They were defending themselves against a dumbass who was trying to get them banned from a ceratin wiki
  2. For actualy fighting back agasint libel
  3. For banning someone for banning you who banned you for no reason from a certain page
  4. They didn't do anything wrong, but some admin just hated them.
  5. Trying to help the wiki and kickbanning someone for the right reason. This banned person happened to be friends with an admin, who unbanned him and then a big argument and fight broke out and I ended up swearing my butt off in English and 3 other languages and got banned.
  6. Pasting a troll face in your use profile even if you weren't a troll
  7. Not having an account(WHAT?)
  8. Joining A Wiki
  9. For Creating A Page

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