This page is for short stories about cats. If you can post a picture of the cat mentioned in your story as well!

Keep the stories short and sweet, cause if they're too long you should just make a separate article about the lengthy cat story and link this page to it.



Pet cat Scout wasn't impressed when she finally got around to reading the book she was named after!

Scout was the cat of the famous actress Mary Badham who stared in the 1962 film version of Harper Lee's famous novel "To Kill a Mockingbird". Mary Badham played Jean Louise "Scout" Finch in the film, and she named her first pet cat "Scout" in honour of the story and the character she played.

The picture opposite was taken by Mary Badham after she let her pet cat Scout read the novel of "To Kill a Mockingbird" and needless to say the hype of the book didn't live up to Scout's expectations as he found out nothing new about how to kill a mockingbird, except that he should shoot one with a gun, but since Scout didn't have thumbs this was quite useless advice. He did however enjoy the book and learned some valuable lessons such as not being prejudiced, in order to reduce ignorance and to good on to others. This was around the same time, Scout lost his own innocence and entered the adult world.


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Dixie, the world's richest & oldest talking cat.

Dixie is the name of the cat who owns Bill Gates. Dixie gets all of Bill's money and gives Bill a daily allowance of $60,000 but allows him to give money to charity as long as he spreads pro-cat propaganda to the charities "he" is donating to.

Dixie owns Bill Gates after Bill met Dixie in 1962 and Bill sold himself to Dixie so that he was Dixie's slave, on the condition that Dixie could mould Bill's life and use Bill as an out let so Dixie could go into business with all his wonderful ideas about computers and software. Dixie did this because he didn't think a talking cat would be taken seriously in the world of business, so he used Bill as a puppet to build the company of Dixie's dreams. Thus making Dixie the world's richest cat, and oldest too.


here is a my late mother's cat watching me edit on a wiki. lol, it's a true story.
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