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Cat Before Reading Book

A Dixie Readz a Book, Howz To Killz a Mockingbirdz Is The Name of The Book, But therez No Information on How To Kill a Mockingbird!, Datz The Wishlist OF Putin!

1. Own Crimea

2. Own Eastern Ukraine

3. Own Whole ukraine! 

Then Dixie Goez And Becomes A Buzinessman!

Dixie Goez To An Time Machinez Dat Sends Him To 2169, In A City Named Europolis (Formelly Frankfurt) And That A WW3 Polluted The World In 2093 and after That An Ice Age Lasting 2093-2101. He Learns Dat Only West Europe Was Spared, While the Rest Was polluted! More Information Here!

Second Ice Age (Cat Reading Bookz)

World War 3 (Cat Reading Bookz)

Europolis (Cat Reading Bookz)

Dixie (Cat Reading Bookz)

This Is A Community Timeline


Cat Waznt Impressed Reading Book

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