The Amaranthine wiki banned be me after I made a simple counting mistake. I sent the following message to their admin:

Dear Craig Neave,

I don't l know if you remember me, but my name is Mscoree. I used to play on your server. On 22 June 2012 I was banned, and you stated that I would be unbanned one year later. As one year as already passed, I was wondering if I could be unbanned now. Hopefully there's no hard feeling between us, and we can talk civilly on the server.



He responded by saying, "- Ban extended by 100 years due to the fact you are unable to count. - "

I went to correct myself on the date and apologize for not being clear, but apparently I was immediately IP banned. Apparently because of a simple spelling mistake you get banned permanently from their wiki. 


The following people want the Amaranthine Wiki taken down from Wikia.

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